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You can make a profitable and safe exchange Perfect Money for cash dollars in St. Petersburg, Moscow and any other city in the Russian Federation in our BWR Group exchange service.

  1. You can exchange PM for Cash USD only on the working shift of our couriers (from 9:00 to 20:00 Moscow time);
  2. We can take cash dollars to any city in Russia. At the same time, you pay the cost of round-trip flights;
  3. Out of office hours of couriers, we are ready to accept funds from you for freezing the current commission . In the morning, we will first of all deliver to you;
  4. In order to ensure maximum security of the exchange, be sure to include only a valid email address in the application. Any changes to the exchange are made through him.

If you have questions about the exchange – please contact our consultants for a consultation.


min.: 1500 USD, max.: 60000 USD

min.: 1500 USD
max.: 117848.205053 USD

Specify the intended meeting area/metro.

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Обмен Perfect Money на наличные доллары

Step-by-step algorithm for cashing PM in Cash USD in our service:

Before starting an exchange, you can always get any information on it from our chat consultants.

  1. In order to start exchanging with us you need to fill out an application on this page. It is necessary to indicate the amount of exchange in it, the number of your wallet in the perfect mani, from which you
    make a transfer to us, the city of exchange, your phone number, e-mail and your name. Next, click “Exchange”;

  2. Carry out a careful check of the entered ones and click “Create request”;
  3. The system issued you your application number. Be sure to write it down (it will come in handy many more times). Click “Go to payment”;
  4. You are on the page for choosing a payment method in Perfect Money. Choose the one you need and click “Make payment”;
  5. Send us USD PM;
  6. Immediately write in the chat to our operators the number of your application from point 3. They will clarify some information about your location and give the task to the courier;
  7. Wait for the call from the courier, tell him the number of your application and agree on the place and time of the meeting;
  8. At the right time, the courier will arrive at the indicated place, you will meet with him, tell him the application number and he will give you cash dollars;
  9. This completes the exchange of Perfect Money for USD cash.

Thank you for your trust! We will be very grateful for the feedback about our work on monitoring exchangers bestchange.

A video on this exchange direction is under development.

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