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We suggest you make an exchange of Perfect Money USD to Zcash in our exchange service of electronic and cryptocurrency at a favorable rate and with the best service

You can make an exchange around the clock;

  • This direction is semi-automatic. The translation of Zcash takes place within 5 – 15 minutes upon receipt of payment. Delays can only be on the side of the exchange from which we transfer cryptocurrency to you;
  • Carefully check the address of Zcash, it is impossible to reverse the transaction and make a return after they went to the network;
  • If you are interested in the exchange for the amount of more than the maximum allowed amount of one application, write to us in the chat. Create multiple applications is not necessary.
  • In order to secure your funds, be sure to enter a valid email address in the application.
  • All the details of the exchange you can check in the chat on our website (pop-up window on the right).


    min.: 300 USD, max.: 5000 USD

    min.: 300 USD
    max.: 80.01 ZEC
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    Обмен Perfect Money на Zcash

    How to buy ZCash cryptocurrency for pm (perfect money) in our exchanger

    1. In order to start the exchange, you need to fill out the form fields on this page. It is necessary to indicate the amount for the exchange, the number of your wallet in Perfect Money, from which you will
      transfer us USD, Zec wallet address to which we will transfer cryptocurrency and email address to you. Next, click “Exchange”;

      Creating a ticket
    2. Here it is necessary to carefully check all the data, agree with the rules of our exchanger and click “Create request”;
      Creating a ticket
    3. Here you need to click “Go to payment”;
      Creating a ticket
    4. Here it is necessary to choose a payment method that is gentle for you in the perfect mani and click “Make payment”;
      Creating a ticket
    5. Make payment;
    6. Payment notification to our specialists is ongoing. Within 15 minutes, the Zec cryptocurrency will be sent to you and you just have to wait for the receipt;
    7. The exchange is over. Thank you for choosing our exchanger and would be grateful for feedback on our work on bestchange.

    A video on this exchange direction is under development.

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