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Dear friends, we want to inform you that a global design updаte has occurred on our website for the BWR Exchange e-currency exchanger! Our development team worked hard for you on a beautiful and modern design, as well as a convenient and intuitive interface.

What work was carried out:

1. We have completely updated the color scheme of the site from dark to light colors. The design has become “light” and it is now even more pleasant to work with it;

Обновленный дизайн

2. For your convenience, we have added information about how many operators are online at the moment;

Сейчас операторов онлайн

3. We placed the counter of successfully executed exchanges in our company and the counter of the sum of these exchanges;

Сейчас операторов онлайн

4. We added blocks with the USD / EUR exchange rate to the ruble and BTC to the RUB / USD. THIS COURSE IS NOT EXCHANGE! You can find out the exact exchange rate from our operators in the chat around the clock;

Блоки с курсами

5. We have included the section “News of the exchanger” in the “Articles” section. Now you can always timely learn about changes or innovations of our service.

Новости обменника

Along with the new design, we have prepared a video for our customers, which describes the specifics of our work and the advantages of our exchanger:

Our team is not going to stop there, every day we will improve the service for the convenience of our customers. Therefore, if you have any suggestions regarding the work of the exchanger, then write to us at We appreciate your every opinion and will be grateful for the feedback!