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Bitcoin is a universal means of payment in almost all areas of goods and services offered in the virtual network. It is far from always possible to get the required amount of bitcoins to your e-wallet quickly, anonymously and without registration, and in some cases it may additionally become the object of supervisory authorities’ attention to the source of your income. We have done everything to meet your needs, so we offer the following methods for obtaining cryptocurrency:

  • using plastic cards of popular commercial banks and cash-in on our cards;
  • cash purchases – dollars, rubles and euros;
  • purchase through electronic wallets.

Cooperation with us is ideal for both individuals and large companies who want to increase business turnovers without unnecessary complications!

Buy bitcoin using bank plastic cards and cash-in

You can buy bitcoin with the help of banks in our service through Sberbank and Alfa Bank. In the case of Sberbank, you can send us money from your card, and with the Alpha card offered by our service you can make cash-in through an ATM.


Acquiring Bitcoin through Sberbank is performed anonymously, without the need for verification, and is performed manually by our operators for 15 minutes. It is necessary to take into account that you will definitely have to indicate your full names, indicating them in Russian. Sberbank card must also be issued in Russia. The minimum amount of the exchange amount is 30,000 rubles.

Exchange Sberbank to Bitcoin

Alfa Bank cash-in

If a customer buys bitcoins through Alpha cash-in from us, he creates a corresponding application, receives the details of our account, goes to the nearest ATM, puts cash into the specified account. The minimum payment amount is 30000 rubles, the maximum is determined by the current capabilities of the mobile cash reserve. We can always increase the reserve in a certain direction upon request.

Exchange Alpha Cash-in RUB to Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins for cash

The opportunity to get bitcoins by transferring cash to our account is an obvious benefit, which is expressed in saving time, no need to make large transfers within electronic systems or banks that may want to know where such a large amount is received from and whether it has criminal origin.

The exchange will take place in strict confidentiality after the preparation of the necessary application. The courier will arrive to you from 9 am to 8 pm at the address of interest to collect cash from you, the service is valid in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If there is a purchase of bitcoins in cash for more than 1 million, then we will send the courier to you by plane, but these costs will be borne by you. The course is fixed by us at the time of receipt of your money! The minimum amount to buy bitcoins is as follows:

  • in rubles – from 100,000 rubles;

Exchange cash rubles to bitcoin

  • from 1300 dollars;

Exchange cash dollars for bitcoin

  • in euro – from 1000.

Exchange euro cash to bitcoin

Electronic wallets

Bitcoin is transferred via an electronic wallet around the clock, the time of exchange and receipt of the amount is from 5 to 30 minutes. The transfer is carried out automatically, and the commission will be one of the lowest.

Advanced Cash USD and RUB

Translations in Bitcoins through Advanced Cash – available only to those who commit it for the first time. Make an exchange around the clock, the transfer time – from 5 to 30 minutes. The minimum and maximum amount of exchange is made:
  • in dollars – from 200;

Exchange Advanced Cash USD to Bitcoin

  • in rubles – from 10,000 rubles.

Exchange Advanced Cash RUB to Bitcoin

Payeer USD and RUB

Electronic payment system Payeer is democratic, has a wide functionality, transfers to Bitcoin with its help around the clock, the transfer comes quickly, with a maximum of half an hour. The whole procedure is performed automatically. The minimum amount of replenishment – from 10,000 rubles, in dollars – from 400. Technical support will help if there are difficulties with the transfer – write in chat or email.

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a payment system that allows you to make transfers within 5-30 minutes after depositing funds. This can be done around the clock, the details are specified by the operator, the minimum amount to exchange – from $ 400.

Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin


Such an exchange allows you to purchase Bitcoins in our service from 30,000 rubles, the transfer takes place automatically, the time it takes for the payment to go – from 5 minutes.

Exchangeь Qiwi to Bitcoin

The advantages of applying to the service

Exchange of rubles for bitcoins through the BWR Group is the following advantages:

  • small commissions;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • anonymity of procedures;
  • always a large reserve of currencies.
For regular customers with exchanges from 1 million rubles, we are ready to provide special conditions in the form of a discount on the commission. You can get the details from our consultants. Become our client and grow your business!