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If you are interested in the question of how to convert Bitcoin to rubles in Russia, saving your time and at a favorable rate, the round-the-clock service By Wallet Revolution Group will provide you with the widest functionality for it:

  1. output to the cards of popular commercial banks;
  2. cash withdrawal of popular international currencies;
  3. withdrawal into electronic wallets.

Conclusion on cards of banks

Our service will help customers quickly transfer money in automatic mode and semi-automatic mode to credit cards in the following banks:

  • Sberbank;
  • Tinkoff;
  • Russkij Standart;
  • Alfa Bank;
  • VTB 24.


These areas are leading, but we are constantly improving our functionality and offer you cooperation to less popular financial and commercial institutions.


Bitcoin withdrawal to the Sberbank card is the most popular direction of our exchanger. Many people prefer this fast and easy way to cash out cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is withdrawn to the Sberbank card around the clock and is performed manually if the amount does not exceed 30,000 rubles. The exchange time will take a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you are interested in receiving more than 30.000 rubles – the exchange time will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

If the amount received exceeds 200,000 rubles – our co urier will complete the transfer within 2 hours through the Sberbank branch.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Sberbank


If you are withdrawing Bitcoin to the Tinkoff Bank card, you need to know the following:

  • replenishment of details is possible only through terminals and ATMs from 9 to 20 hours;
  • time to pay – from 30 minutes to 2 hours, the amount of replenishment – not more than 420.000 rubles per day;
  • on the basic tariffs of the bank when replenishing the card from 300,000 rubles there is an additional commission of 2% (be sure to check your card limits with the card).

Exchange Bitcoin -> Tinkoff Cash-in

Russkij standart

You can recharge the Russkij Standard Bank card on any given day, the amount of a one-time withdrawal should not exceed 300,000 rubles.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Russkij Standard

Alfa Bank (Cash-in)

The method of withdrawal of Bitcoin through Cash-in implies replenishment of your account at Alfa Bank through bank ATMs by our courier. This is the safest way to fund your account, since cash is credited.

After your Bitcoin cryptocurrency comes to us, we will execute the transfer within 30 minutes – 2 hours. The transfer limit on the card is no more than 500.000 rubles per day. If the transfer is delayed for technical reasons, and the rate has grown by more than 1% (either way), we will recalculate and change the amount to be paid.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Alfa Cash-in RUB

Exchange Bitcoin -> Alfa Cash-in USD

Alpha click

The fastest way to cash Bitcoin on the card Alpha Bank. We will complete the transfer to your card within 20 – 30 minutes via the Alpha Click application. The maximum amount of replenishment per day is 500.000 rubles.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Alpha Bank (Alpha click)


To replenish your VTB plastic card instantly, you will need to know that a quick transfer is realized if the amount does not exceed 300,000 rubles. If we are talking about a larger amount, the transfer may be delayed for a time up to 2 hours maximum, because our courier will replenish your account through a bank branch.

Exchange Bitcoin -> VTB 24

Cash withdrawal

If you are interested in the withdrawal of Bitcoin in cash rubles, dollars or euros, then we are ready to exchange with you during the working hours of couriers from 9:00 to 20:00 Moscow time. At the moment, couriers are constantly working on the territory of St. Petersburg and Moscow. If you are interested in an exchange in any other city of the Russian Federation – we can send a courier to you by air flight (the cost of the flight falls on the client).

Exchange for cash is possible only from 100.000 rubles or an equivalent amount in dollars or euros.


We accept applications around the clock. When exchanging up to 500,000 rubles, we perform an exchange upon crediting the entire amount, but if the exchange rate has changed, then we recalculate the amount due. Exchanges from 500.000 rubles are considered only upon receipt of cryptocurrency by us.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Cash rubles


The minimum amount for exchange is equivalent to 100,000 rubles at the current dollar rate ($ 1,481 with a dollar rate of 67.5 rubles).

  • Exchange up to $ 7.500. If the cryptocurrency rate has changed by more than 1% at the time of full receipt, relative to the rate at the time of application, recalculation of the amount to be paid (regardless of the rise or fall of Bitcoin);
  • Exchange over $ 7.500. The amount to be paid will be determined upon the fact that Bitcoin is fully credited to our account.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Cash dollars


The minimum amount for exchange is equivalent to 100,000 rubles at the current euro rate (1315 € for the euro rate 76 rubles).

  • Exchange up to 7.000 €. If the cryptocurrency rate changes by more than 1% relative to the rate in bids at the time of full Bitcoin receipt, you will recalculate the amount to be received by you.
  • Exchange of more than 7.000 €. The amount to be paid will be determined only after the full receipt of Bitcoin in our wallet and its sales.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Euro cash

Electronic wallets

Transfer to an e-wallet is convenient for timely payment and in cooperation with online stores or other forms of netting in the network.

You can use the following wallets:

  • Advanced Cash;
  • Payeer;
  • Perfect Money.

Advanced Cash USD and RUB

BWR Group translates BTC cryptocurrencies into rubles and dollars in the Advanced Cash system in a semi-automatic way around the clock. Application processing time is no more than 30 minutes.

There are no restrictions on daily exchanges.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Advanced Cash Rub

Exchange Bitcoin -> Advanced Cash USD


Money transfer to Payeer is carried out within 5-15 minutes manually by our professional operator, without restrictions.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Payeer Rub

Perfect Money

Payment in Perfect Money is carried out around the clock, manually using the operator, after 1 confirmation of the blockchain network.

Exchange Bitcoin -> Perfect Money

Advantages of using our service

Exchange Bitcoins for rubles through the BWR Group – means to get the benefits:

  • minimum commissions;
  • large mobile reserve;
  • round-the-clock work;
  • anonymity;
  • individual approach;
  • responsive technical support;
  • quick problem solving.

Contact us – we are ready to cooperate!