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Do you need to buy ethereum cryptocurrency? The 24-hour service By Wallet Revolution Group is an excellent opportunity to get the necessary amount of ethereum at a favorable rate, around the clock and without the need to identify your personal data. We have done everything possible to ensure that you have found the best way for us:

  • accept payment by card;
  • electronic payment systems;
  • accept payment in cash.

Receiving ethereum through bank plastic cards

A cryptocurrency broadcast for rubles via the By Wallet Revolution Group service can be purchased with a Sberbank card and payment for services through the terminal and Alpha cash-in. Sberbank cards are available in almost all adult citizens of our country, and replenishment through Alfa-cash-in is convenient in almost any payment terminal with the appropriate functionality! We are constantly improving our service and expanding our partnership with other well-known commercial structures.


The exchange of rubles for ethereum by replenishing an electronic wallet through Sberbank will be surprisingly simple and comfortable – we accept applications 24 hours, we process them manually, but you will definitely need to specify your full name. cardholder, while it must belong to a Russian citizen. The translation itself will not take more than 15 minutes, sometimes there are delays, you can clarify the question in the online chat.


Through Alpha cash-in it will be possible to receive the required amount of etherium within 30 minutes after receipt of payment. Additional fees are not provided, the amount of input may be unlimited.

Cash payments

Receiving ethereum after replenishing an account with cash is a convenient way to avoid close attention to yourself of financial monitoring structures, successfully develop your own business and business cooperation, in which we will help you, because we have the opportunity to replenish your account with cryptocurrency after depositing euros, dollars or rubles.


Receiving cash when paying in cash – these are undoubted advantages for our customers, extremely low commission, delivery of funds with the help of a qualified courier in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 9 am to 8 pm. You will need for this:

  • fill in the appropriate application;
  • contact the operator through the chat with her number;
  • discuss all the details of payment online.

It should be noted that the receipt of your cash can be unlimited by a certain amount of money, but is carried out only at certain hours – from 9 to 20 hours, and the course is fixed during the transfer. You can clarify the details of interest in the live chat around the clock.


You can replenish your account and with the help of USD in our service with the help of a courier who arrives to you at the required address in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and we can fix the course when we accept the full amount of funds. We successfully cooperate with clients in other cities of Russia, if the amount exceeds a million rubles, but you will have to pay for the airfare yourself!


Replenishment of your account cryptocurrency is easy to implement and with the help of the euro – we will send a courier, you will fill out an application, and we will fix the rate at the time of receipt of funds. Our courier will fly to your city if you decide to receive cryptocurrency worth over 1 million.

Electronic Wallets

Payment of ethereum through e-wallets helps customers save time, quickly pay with partners and avoid wasting time and nerves, as well as going to the bank. We cooperate with the most popular electronic systems and give a guarantee that we can help you!

Advanced Cash USD and RUB

Advanced CashAdvanced Cash USD is a popular payment system with wide functionality. Ethereum can be received on your account around the clock, by filling out an application form – the funds will be fully credited to your account in 5-30 minutes. All translation issues can be discussed in the chat with the operator.

Payeer USD and RUB

At Payeer, it is possible to buy Ethereum by exchanging USD or RUB 24 hours a day, but you must fill out an application, and the funds will go to your wallet in 5-30 minutes. All the answers to the questions will be provided by a qualified operator.

Perfect Money

Transfers here occur for a maximum of 5-15 minutes, there are no time limits, all questions are clarified in live chat. You can clarify the transfer details by the number of the created application. Now you can change funds at a comfortable rate quickly and without registration.

Perfect Money


Qiwi is a popular payment system, payments are made within 30 minutes after depositing an account without a time limit, you must fill out an application form for transfer and, if necessary, tell the operator to clarify the information. All possible problems usually arise not from our aggregator.

The advantages of our service

Exchange rubles for ethereum in our service – these are several of the most important advantages:

  • minimum commission amount;
  • always a large reserve exchange machine;
  • round-the-clock work;
  • complete confidentiality and anonymity;
  • qualified technical support;
  • instant solution to all your problems.

We look forward to your requests via e-mail and toll-free contact phone, as well as in the live chat, you will quickly and efficiently answer all your questions, offer a surcharge and further convenient terms of cooperation. Become our customers and increase the pace of your business!